My Compaq Armada M700 laptop has been giving me an error message that says "103 Charge Circuit Failure" right after the "bootup" message, before Windows starts, and the battery is not charging (right now it's stuck at 88%). I Googled around and most of the messages I found said that it was probably a dead or dying battery, so I took the battery out, restarted the computer, and I still got that message (I put the battery back in after that). It works perfectly fine off AC power. Although the first day I got that message, I had accidentally dropped the box-looking-thing (whatever that's called) on the power cord onto the floor (from just above waist height, onto carpet), so I don't know if that has anything to do with it, or if it's a problem inside the laptop itself.

Sounds most likely like a bad motherboard

How would I know for sure that it's the motherboard and not merely a loose connection somewhere? I'm not skilled enough to take apart this thing.

There's a computer repair shop not too far from where I live, maybe I'll lug it there and see what they say.

i have this same problem on an evo n620c, could this be the power board?

it hasnt charged in a while now, but ive recently just got the 103 charge error?? i didnt have a hdd in at the time of this error, ive read on another page that this is a registry error? i dont see how its possible to be one as the hdd hasnt loaded at this stage plus thee wasnt one in.

as all the registry is in windows?? unless im mistaken, RUN/regedit