I'm working on a friends W2646 computer..just checking it out since it was S-L-O-W!
2.6 cpu
256 ram.
I was wondering if or what CPU upgrades will work? I know it's a intel 845GV board but I'm not sure if it will take a 478 533 P4 hyperthreading CPU? Also is there ANY bios options? It just boots to a e symbol and then to XP? Never seen a computer do that before. No F2 or F12 or tab, delete nothing! I was going to reinstall XP for them since I found some nasty viruses and it was well used since they bought it...loaded with JUNK!! I've found some cheap P4's HT CPU's on ebay but I want to make sure they will work with this computer.I don;t have anymore boards laying around that will take a 478 and I don't want to waste there money if it don't. Any ideas ya'll?

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Hello. i have no idea but love guessing ,im gonna guess NO!,then im gonna suggest even it did it would be better if you spent the money Ram,like a 1 gig oe even a 512 stick to go with the 256 ,and format machine and reload winxp ,and the difference will be just a goos as the bigger cpu

I have a extra 256 stick laying somewhere so i'm going to give that to them but as for the CPU it was just ONLY if I could get one really cheap. Have ideas about the BIOS?

i did a google search and could find none with a definite answer as to what key to hit, but did find a few saying it was hard to do !try delete key or f10 seem to the most common ones ,just make sure you keep hitting the key over ans over as soon as you turn on the machine .

I've tried them over and over and all I get is beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! it's not like i REALLY need to get into it to change anythng..more of a ..."I wonder" type of thing. I googled-yahoo'ed-asked and about every search engine and about a dozen computer forums and this is the only place that even had a post to try to help!! Thanks anyway!!

also some machines when you get a flash screen on startup of say E-Machine or Compaq ,you can hit the TAB key to get rid of the splash screen and see what on the screen underneath the splash screen ,but e-machines and some other are tougher to get into as they want you to return to them or call them for paid tech support

From experience, systems either use Delete, Tab or F2 to get into the BIOS.
I used really old machine once which involved pressing CTRL and another key (cant remember which one) to get into the BIOS... was a pain :(

eMachines usually use Phoenix BIOSes though which have less functionality to change things.

I'd say go with extra RAM than a better CPU. And chances are following a reinstall, it'd run much better anyway as you have said it has viruses and other rubbish which has been installed since they got it.

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