I was installing a linksys network card in a Gateway computer. The installation went fine no error messages. I hooked up the DSL modem to the network card and it crashes internet explorer everytime. I am able to ping the gateway address, DNS ip address to the internet, but when I ping a web address name it fails with unknown host. I also tried the dialup modem which is also affected. I checked the settings and I don't see anything wrong. I removed the linksys network card. The computer had Gateway Goback installed so I went to a known good restore point. The dialup modem is back in service and working. I descided to try installing a different network card, but it didn't make any difference. I then checked the bootlog, which showed ndis2sup.vxd failed loading.

Has anyone experienced this problem? Does anyone have a solution to my problem?



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Every time you try to connect either it be dialup or through the network card the internet explorer crashes on this machine with Windows 98 SE, but I am able to ping the ip addresses of my equipment, but no web address. I am getting to the point of just reloading all the programs and driver and start over, I wish I new what causes this kind of problems by installing a network card into the computer. I had this happen before and finally the last resort was to reload everything. On the other computer I had Windows ME and GO Back both installed, which was what I assumed caused the problem.

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