I recently installed Windows XP Pro SP1 and now my printer doesn't work. I believe I need driver(s) for my IBM. If I'm not mistaken, I think my printer software is too old to have XP drivers. Also, as crazy as it sounds, my printer works too. I tried to print a test page last night and no results. The next morning there it was, Windows XP printer test page. The driver name:UNIDRV.DLL version:5.00 environment:Windows NT x86

Any solutions anybody?

I just googled for lexmark z11 driver download xp and this is the first search result I clicked on:


Checking the driver downloads section at www.lexmark.com indicates that it is the most recent driver version for Windows XP.

You should always look first on the manufacturer's website for device drivers. The ones included on the installation CD are most likely outdated before even the ink on the CD label is dried!

first go to windows update and download xp pro service pack 2 for security reasons and also it solves some of thoes driver problems

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