I have a Gateway GT5628 that's not booting up at all. I press the power button, and it all lights up. But it doesn't load up anything on the screen. I opened up the the computer and cleaned up all the dust and stuff, but it still doesn't work.

One thing I do notice is that the case fan in the back is spinning pretty slow. I'm not sure if its the power supply. I tried another power supply but that didin't boot it up either. Solutions or ways to check way the problem is?

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I'm not sure exactly what the issue is from your description but can I suggest trying these steps.

unplug the vga/DVI cable from the monitor and check for the monitor's self test feature which means it goes from standby to on- make sure your not overlooking a monitor issue here.

Look out for the bios reset on the motherboard that should resolve any CMOS corruption issues- one of the symptoms could be a slow system fan. -http://support.gateway.com/s/MOTHERBD/Intel2/4006194R/4006194Rmvr24.shtml

finally- check the keyboard lights(you know- caps lock, scroll lock - num lock) make sure they toggle on and off -these can indicate that your system is processing fine and it might just be a video issue.

let me know how you get on.

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