easy all

having a bit of trouble with my laptop - the power socket has failed so i'm unable to either charge the battery or run it from the mains. it's still under warranty so fixing it isn't a problem, but there's some data on the laptop's hard drive that i need to recover ASAP! if anyone can give me any help on how to do this quickly and easily i would be very grateful indeed, the attempts i've made so far have been unsuccessful.

we're using one of these:


with one of the pins bent out of the way to allow the connection to be made. the laptop is a fujitsu siemens amilo d series, not sure about the desktop as it's at my friends' house!

is there any way of doing this without messing around with IDE cables and whatnot? someone mentioned to me that there may be some kind of USB cradle device that i could plug the hard drive into then connect via USB.

hope this is in the right forum, i'm new round these parts!



Re: slaving laptop hard drive to desktop machine 80 80

Your link only led to an index page on that site, so it's unclear just what you have been using.

The device you need, however, is called a 'USB external drive caddy'. You should ensure that it accomodates a 2.5" IDE drive, if that is what's used in your laptop.

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