FS p4 2.8 800mhz Fsb Complete system

My car broke so i have to buy a new engine so i am selling all my computer stuff. I have:

P4 2.8 @ 800 mhz fsb
1024 MB RAM pc2700
120 gig WD 7200 rpm hard drive
18 gig WD hard drive
8x Dvd rw
54x32x54 Cdrw
256 mb nvidia geforce 5600xt
Windows Xp Pro
17" Crt monitor
Ecs648fx Motherboard
Justy Vantec 4 fan controller
Linkysys 10/100 ethernet card
Linksys wireless-g w/speedbooster card
Linksys wireless-g w/speedbooster wireless router
Motorola sb5100 surfboard cable modem
and about 20-25 games. to include Doom 3, Farcry, Call of duty, Unreal tournament 2004, etc.

i am selling this all as a bundle for a $1000

if you are interested email me at rufiorulez@yahoo.com
thanks for any offers

but once u get your engine what are u gonna do for a pc?

but once u get your engine what are u gonna do for a pc?

Haha, im going to suffer for a little while, and use an old celeron computer i have laying around,lol.

thats blows bro. Cant you wait on the car. id rather walk, hehe.

Haha i wish man, but until i sell it im bumming rides to work, lol.

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