I tried to use new branded “R-Driver III” USB 2.0 TO SATA IDE CABLE device with Laptop HD IDE and Desktop HD IDE (once at a time) but it did not show me the HD , although I checked Disk Management (each one at a time)

I thought the problem with “ R-Driver III ”, about another one branded as Ritmo

Still the same problem is going on with both Hard Disks (external power source is used for 3.5 HD not 2.5,,,,,,,,I can hear spinning for 3.5 but not for 2.5)

I jumpered HD3.5 as master then slave,,,still I can not access it

Both hard disks are working if I hook them into a computer

The device that I was talking about is same as in the link below


Any thought would be appreciated


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According to this they need formatting, and yet they work fine inside a computer. Strange.

Have you just bought this?

Are you after transferring data over from them or just use them for extra storage?

If you have a linux CD that may or may not work.

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