I recently purchased said case, and i connected the Power SW, Reset SW, HDD LED and Power LED the way my motherboard manual instructed, maybe i did it wrong, but i believe the white crosses on some pegs means Positive which is usually the colored wire, right?. My motherboard is a MSI K9A2 CF-F V2 AM2+. I connected my PSU which is an Antec 1000Watt to the Main power and the Cpu power, and i even tried out my old 600Watt NZXT, and both of them don't work. The computer just doesn't turn on at all, no lights or anything... Any suggestions?

Heres some pics, tell me if you need better ones. I'll check this thread often, i'll try and upload better pics asap if needed.




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Is the case the only thing new? If the case connectors are hooked up right it's either a case (pwr button) issue or a mb issue.

Last time I did a build I had the power and the reset connections reversed... double check your connections and see if that works.

If not, you can always pull and re-seat the ram, video, etc.

to cancel out the power button use a screwdriver to turn the pc on, if this does not work then there is either something wrong with the psu or the mobo,seeing as both power supply do not work the that leaves the mainboard, take the mainboard out of the case and start it up on a anti static bac or something(use the screwdriver again) and c if it come on,if this does not work with either one of the power supplies then i am afraid that the mainboard maybe damaged(worst case scenario)

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