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I just got a new 20.1" lcd monitor. The picture quality is just excellent. My big problem is that when I have it in the native 1600 x 1200 the font is very small. I have gone to the display setting and marked it to 120dpi and this helps but when I go to some sites it just doesn't make it any bigger and the font is very small to read. Even if I adjust the view to largest there is no change. Is there anything else to adjust that I am missing?

am not sure about the general font size, but the net, maybe you can change the web browser for ex. "mozilla fireFox",I use it, and it can makes the font much larger than the normal "internet explorer" does

u can get mozilla by searching on google , its free ...
give it a try...

Hold down CTRL and move the mouse wheel to change font size.

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