Hi all;

I have a machine that will sometimes fail to boot after a restart. If it gets shut down and restarted, the PSU & CPU fans start, but nothing else. No POST beeps, no lights come on, nada. If I unplug it & wait 15 mins or so, it boots right up.
I thought maybe the PSU was the problem, and replaced it, but it still does the same thing. It doesn't seem to be overheating, as I can load it up, maxing out the processor & page file till it locks up and it doesn't fail. Anyone ever seen this?

It's a grey box computer with:
1 GB Ram
3GZ P4
Win XP Pro

ATX reset fixed this. Thanks Dazza!

ATX reset fixed this. Thanks Dazza!

Not fixed after all. rebooted normally a couple of times. Then I let it run for about an hour to do an AV update, shut down and hooked it back up in the user's cube, and guess what? Same thing.

Ended up replacing the mobo. Problem fixed.