i have a Dell Computer Corp. 0F5949 A01 motherboard with 512mb of ram. i want to upgrade that but being a teenager my funds are quite limited. i dont know if the mhz have to be the same but mine has 400 and i have no clue if it has 240 or 184 pin. all i could find at staples.com was $40 for 512mb and $80 for 1gb but i found DDR2 at walmart that was 1gb (i know its the wrong kind) for $35. it all makes no sense please help!

Tom, go here, they will walk you through the process of finding the correct memory. Once you know what you need, then you can shop anywhere.

older ram is more expensive than the new faster stuff. i went to buy a 512 stick of PC133 and it was like $60. i guess it is harder to manufacture. that and they aren't making as much of the old stuff anymore.

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