Hello. I have Windows XP and all of a sudden, recently, if I turn off my computer irregularly and turn it back on, it says Windows had a bad turn-off, but when I tell it to start in ANY mode, it restarts and I have no idea what's going on. Sometimes it'll let me through and I'm afraid to turn off my computer. If this is any help, my processor was running hot for a while before I dusted it, but it turned the computer off when it got too hot, and it didn't seem like anything bad had happened because of it. Could it be a problem with my processor? The computer SOMETIMES says check PC Health status and sometimes it says the system fan is at 0 RPM, but other times it says different. I dunno what to do. My processor is an AMD 64, and it runs at 36 normally...that's normal, isn't it? I looked it up and it seemed like it was. Anyway, if anyone could help me out, I'd be very appreciative. Thanks!

Looks like your one or more of your fans are busted. Probably your cpu's heatsink fan is gone.

The best thing to do is try and find out which fan is off. Removing your side panel while your pc is on is probably the best method, however it isnt exactly safe so be careful and dont touch anything! Once you have worked out which fan isnt running, turn off your pc, turn off and remove your socket plugs. Find out the measurement of the fan and order a new one. They're only about £5 (so, about $5, im not sure :P).

If it's the heatsink that isnt running, you need a new heatsink. Just visit the AMD website and find what you're looking for.

I don't think the fan on my cpu is busted, as it's still spinning and all, and it's still pushing out air...I dunno about the fan on my power box, though. It doesn't seem to be pushing out much air out the back and the air it does push out is pretty warm. Could that be the problem? Also, one of my fans makes a noise for a while until it warms up. It doesn't spin slowly, it just makes a noise. Maybe that's it?

PSUs (Power box :P) will give out warm air as thats exactly the aim of the fans: to get rid of the heat in the air.

You say that one of your fans just makes a noise for a while and then spins, this COULD be a faulty fan, so turn your pc off and take plug out etc etc and just check if there are any small bits that could be blocking the spin, as sometimes some crap gets inside your pc :P remember to be careful though.

Boot your pc back up and check if the fan is as soon as you turn on instead of doing the whole noise buisness. If it does, problem should be sorted, if it isnt, you may need a new fan. Like I said, no big deal you can pick them up cheap on internet component stores, just remember to get the right size (80mm, 90mm or 120mm are the only mainstream sizes I can think of atm). Refer to your case/pc manual for info on how to install (sometimes fans come with a rough guide on how, but some specialist cases installation differ). Good luck :D

Thanks. I'll try that out. I built my computer with a friend of mine, but I already installed one new fan. I'll see if that changes anything. Thanks.

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