I am building five computers for a school to save them some money. I have tried different cases and they are not created equal that's for sure. You do get what you pay for. I have come to like the antec line with their nice ps and good build quality. Does anyone recommend a case with as good a build quality for such a setting but a little cheaper? Where is one of the cheaper places to buy a case. No side windows or anything like that. Thanks.

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What coutry are you in?

This case often gets good reviews in mags and is not too badly priced for the quality:

Coolermaster Centurion 5 they are currently £38.89 Including VAT at 17.5% at:

I know thats not cheap but going by what I have read about it, it is a good quality case, and very good value for the money.

You can get REALLY cheap cases from here:

I have bought a few of them they are pretty cheap but the quality is good enough to survive the average house, the fact that your talking about a school may rule a lot of the really cheap cases out as they would probably not last too long with a couple of hundred kids poking at it. :D

But ebuyer.co.uk is definately worth looking at if your in the UK, I think they have an american site also.



Or do what I did, build the PC in a table and sit the monitor on top...

Yay! Dust and poor airflow for everyone! ;)


well thermal takes are good. with good psu (but not as good with antec)good airflow too. but i gues super lanboy is enough.


A suggestion regarding donating the computers...a friend of mine has built and given computers to a local public school, and in order to keep the school system from reallocating the computers, he gives them directly to the teachers.


its difficult to tell u the make of case without knowing the company anyways i will suggest u to go for Intex


I ...oh never mind! It ain't worth it.

:lol: as long as it does the job its designed to do eh.. thats all that bothers me at the end of the day:lol:


Yeh and if you are making it for a school you do not need a top of the class case, they normal just get recked at my school.


In cases like this (pardon the pun) I belive trying to get the best bang for the buck, and produce the best machine for the price. But what I was reffering to as "not worth it" is explaining that this thread is almost six months old, and that the author has accomplished what he wanted and has probabely moved on to other projects. :cool:


this thread is almost six months old, and that the author has accomplished what he wanted and has probabely moved on to other projects. :cool:

Exactly. Thread closed. ;)

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