Hi all, this might be a strange question, but I have to try:

I want to build a dynamic billboard for a local tavern. Essentially I can make the software that will allow them to create slides on a custom level. i.e. Assign text, graphics, display time, etc.

But the screen is the problem. I need to be able to find a cheap enough flatscreen that can be taken apart so that I can place just the display part in the window. Preferably build a thin wooden frame around it. Of course I'll have to figure out how to turn it on from a cable (since the power switch might be hard. Yada yada yada. Am sure there will be a few "items" that come up.

Does anyone have any experience with this?????

Maybe my question is too broad and out there, but maybe someone out there has done something like this.

Thanks ahead, as always.

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Removing housing is straightfoward but I do not know about the wood frame for electrical components, especially for a consumer display.

You know if you make it good enough, someone is either going to break it or steal it, and then lie and try to sue you and steal your bar. You could try the National Electric Code. I'm sure they have something for displays at that current.

If it was me, I would look at balistic coatings for fiberglass, and try not to make any modifications to the electrical component. That UL symbol on the back means a lot.

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