I have read the other posts on the w2888 trouble and am asking to verify what I believe has happened. This machine is my kids machine so there is nothing to lose on the hard drive, the kids play games and surf on it and it wouldn't power up for me. I pulled the ps 20 pin from mobo and shorted pins 14 & 15 and ps fan comes on also pulled blue/white plug from switch on front and momentarily shorted pins also got nothing removed dial-up modem still nothing there is a very small green light on mobo that stays lit and if I plug 20 pin into mobo at a slight angle either tipping it one way or the other either the fan on ps comes one for a sec or if tipped the other way fan on cpu kicks on. I was thinking this sounds like blown mobo and as this system was bought used for 125 2 yrs ago I would be better off finding another system. Your thoughts ??????

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Time for a new PC. Emachines typically have very cheap power supplies, and they will eventually feed 24 or so volts to the motherboard. Pow, zap, throw away.

I Frequently Have run into E machine problems
The usual source of the problems is the electrolytic capacitors get hot and the oil boils from heat causing the capacitor tops to bow outwords or upwords "TERM (boiled-caps)", once boiled the caps are inefective causing the mother board to shut down and not restart. IF one replaces the capacitors the board will once again work.

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