December last year I had two 2.5" HDD's fail, the original Seagate and a replacement Toshiba. I sent the first to a data recovery company, who told me the plate damage was so bad there was no chance of recovery. I didn't bother sending the second, but as the noises were the same I assume similar damage.

Instead of buying another HDD just to watch it burn, I have waited until I could afford to upgrade to an SSD - in the hope that it not having heads, the same issue won't arise (maybe it'll fail in a different but equally spectacular way?).

I purchased a new A-Data 32GB (ASE1032GSAMPL) drive, and have installed it in my MB. Yes I know A-Data isn't the greatest brand. I'm still a student and can't afford anything gold-plated.

When I run DU from the Leopard install DVD, the drive is not displayed - only the DVD itself is shown in DU.

I realise now that I should have done more research on this issue before buying, but I've been quite busy and had a one-track mind: get the **** MB going so I can finally finish my Cocoa projects!

Is it possible that this SSD is not backward compatible with SATA? Does anyone have any ideas on getting this working? Any ideas at all? I'm at the point where I'll seriously consider anything, including voodoo.

Thanks people!