I have a Dell 8400. In BIOS, there is no reading for temperature or fan speed. Is that normal? How can I get temperature and fan speed readings for this computer? Thanks.

Dells do not have thermomenters or revmeters in them. My 5150 doesnt either (i think only thier laptops and servers do)

I have had this question come up a few times when I troubleshot for eMachines and Gateway. Some models do not have a Temp reading or fan speed on them. What I would recommend in this case is either to down load a windows based program.

Its not always best to Flash the BIOS because that could cause issues.

Or watch the CPU usage. Usually when you press CNTL ALT DEL it will have a section found on the Bottom right of that box under Task manager CPU usage. If it is consistantly running at 100% and does not flucuate it can be a sign that the Fan is not cooling the way that it should.

Hope that helps.

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