my crappy work might force me to give up my 21" sony trinitron for a gateway 19" lcd.

Other than losing about 1" of screen real estate, how are lcd monitors for eye fatique? I'm in front of the screen almost all day so im worried about my eyes. Arent crt monitors more flexible as far as refresh rates and resolution?

I run at 1024x768 with 125 dpi text @85 hz. Is this setting a native resolution on a 19" lcd, and if not what would the text quality be like at these settings?

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CRT work on an electron beam (nothing to worry about, completely harmless) thus they emit some radiation but as long as your not making your eyes touch the screen nothing majorly bad is gonna happen to your eyes. LCD screen, however, have no such problem as they just emit a varying ammount of light prefferable for buisness as people have been known to sue because they have not been alowed 10 minutes out of every hour to have a rest from viewing a CRT monitor. Anyway as the supply/demand is slow leaning toward a surplus of supply we willl see fall in prices but i know your not worried about that cause your not buying it! The native resolution for a typical 19inch LCD screen would be SXGA (1280 x 1024) which is very reasonable. CRT are more flexible with refresh rates because the voltages on the dirrecting plates that help scan the picture on the screen you are viewing can be ajusted very easily. TFT's on the other hand cannot thier pixels are fixed as thier phototranstors, they cannot move or be changed in refresh rate as all kinds of things happen then. Don't worry though, all these things are pointless to worry about, many people would evny getting a 19inch LCD from a 21 crt i sure would!!


With all the crts I have used you can run it at any resolution and have a nice quality picture. If you have an lcd unless you run it at the native resolution your quality goes down alot. I have tried many lcds and they are all the same for this. I ended up with the dell 1905fp after sampling many. It was the best pic for what I wanted.

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