A female friend of mine spilled some peach juice on her dell laptop keyboard, not the entire keboard just about 20% of the board. It doesn't work anymore, but the computer is still fine.
1. what is that command to turn off key lock (when you jam on a bunch of keys)?
2. i know she can just buy a regular keyboard and plug in the back
3. the warranty is up
Any suggestions/advice to see if the board is really fried?

Re: keyboard kaputt 80 80

Dismantle it, clean it, reassemble it.

The 'touchpad' contacts underneath are probably all sticky and gummed up, preventing a decent contact being made when a key is pressed. It's a helluva job. Pity you're not me - the last job like that I confronted was when one of my grandkids upended a mug of Milo over 3 blasted remote control units. A laptop keyboard is a MUCH more fiddly job!

Failing that, plug in a keyboard ;)

Re: keyboard kaputt 80 80

thanks, maybe i'll do that

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