I have an annoying problem with application hangs. I'm running xp sp2 AMD Duron 1.33 ghz.,km-266 8735 chipset, 40 gig hard drive and 512 DDR mem. The problem is most noticable on music and video playback but all programs stop momentarily and then restart from that point with no loss of data. The severity and frequency is sporadic,but does seem to get worse if several programs are running at once, but not always. I have gone thru' msconfig and disabled/manual/auto all I dare and have updated all drivers. I'm not certain it is a mobo problem but I am running out of ideas. I am certain it is not the sound card. I have also been to BIOS and tweaked all I can think of.Any Great ideas!? Thanx -xtrmn8r

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Here are some things to check/try:

Check all your fans... powersupply, cpu, and video card(if it has one). Slight overheating will cause problems just like you described.

Disable everything in Msconfig and see if you still have the problem. You could try safe mode too, but I'm not sure if XP loads the sound driver or not. Hmmm, I've never noticed.

Update your video and sound drivers to the newest ones available.

Check your event log for anything weird. I've seen a failing hard drive cause temporary lockups.

Yeah-I Thought about heat too, but I have left the case open on a cool day -no help there. I went to VIAArena and downloaded every driver I could find and the event log is no help either. I'm still not convinced it has anything to do with the sound card. I have been to Creative and found the drivers for my Soundblaster Live!. Incedently, this anomily happens from cd but not thru' the external tape deck that runs into the line in jack, if that matters. Thanx for the reply I will try dump all from services and reload as needed-xtrmn8r

There used to be all kinds of problems with Sound Blaster Live!s and VIA chipset motherboards (but I think it was isolated to the KT133 chipsets). Fixes included (off the top of my head):

1. Moving the SB Live to the very last PCI slot (at the bottom).
2. Updating to the latest motherboard and sound card drivers.
3. Changing PCI bus options in the BIOS. The problems arose with the SB Live attempting to "hog" the PCI bus. I'm not sure of the exact setting(s) that required changing (one I think is to lower PCI latency timer), but there was a PCI Latency patch released by a third party that attempted to combat the problem. Try some googling for PCI hog, SB Live and VIA.

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