Ok, this is going to be dead in the water, but I have a tascam PCI 822 audio card running XP. tascam no longer supports this card, but they released a driver hack to get it to work with XP. I had it working at one time, then my PC blew up and I had to find the card on ebay again... I got the card, got the driver, but I can't get this mofo to work properly. Tascam also took down their forums, which had the solution to my problem with installing the card and configuring it. It doesn't just install like a normal peice of hardware, I have to go through exact specific steps to make it work. I would get a more compatible card, but I have a tascam TMD 1000 mixing board that works with this card and I pull a very professional sound with the combo.

If anybody has any idea how to help get me up and running with this card, I would really appreicate it. Thanks!

Have you tried pestering Tascam, or perhaps contacting the nearest pro audio dealer? It might be a bit of "pulling teeth", but it could be worth it.

That's a fairly old card which, as you know, was never meant to work with XP.
Finding an answer on a purely computer-oriented support site such as this might be diffy; have you tried the numerous digital audio news/discussion groups, forums, etc?

If it's the tdif I/O you need, don't a couple of other manufacturers (Aardvark maybe) make equivalent beasties that are compatible with newer operating systems?

YOIKS!! I've only been posting here for about 6 weeks and this is post #500. Man, I need to get a life... :mrgreen:

haha- 500 is a lot.

I have been all over the place. Nobody seems to know. TDIF is so outdated, and if there are TDIF cards out there besides this one I think they are way out of my price range. I did some research but forget what I came up with at the time. I just remember I decided to stic kwith the PCI-822.

Thing is, I KNOW I had it working with XP on my old box. I remember it was crazy how specific I had to be on the steps I took installing the card. I juts wish I could get access to that old TASCAM forum. My answer was in there somewhere, and seems like ithat answer doesn't even exist on the web anymore. :sad:

haha- 500 is a lot.

Drop in the bucket- I'm almost at 6,500 at the other forum I moderate- don't know if that should scare me or not... :p

Have you tried contacting Tascam directly? I know they can be a real pain, especially if you want help with something they've discontined, but it might work if you just bug the fsck out of them.

I believe you go into control panel-->system-->hardware and the device manager tab, and then find your PCI-822 in the sounds & multimedia box and right click it then choose to install or update the driver and manually tell it where to locate the driver in your machine (the let me choose option), uncheck the other options, like look in removable drives, and it should install. Good luck.

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