i hope someone can help me out here, i would like some help here anyone.

i want to build an infrared transmitter/receiver system to connect to my pc through the USB port. The Infrared transmitter/receiver device will act as a sensor system to detect any movements made at the doorway and send a signal to the pc, and the pc will alert me via an SMS.

So far i have the SMS part working, i would like to know what is needed to get such a signal to the pc via the USB and probably what is necessary for me to write drivers for this device.

However i have not much experience in the hardware aspect of computers.

Thanks in Advance.

Hello, First of all i would like to say that i am interested in what you are doing, and if you get it working could you e-mail me (tom_q@hotmail.co.uk) with a curcuit diagram of what you have done. I would guess that it would be much easier to connect it to your computer via serial port, or if you dont have a serial port try to make a serial to usb converter. Sorry i couldent help more.