Recently my computer stopped playing sound, I decided to check if I had muted something by accident... when I open up Volume Control I can't change anything - and there's a message saying that it can't detect an audio device

When I go to Control Panel>Sounds And Audio Devices and the Hardware tab... everything is there, working and enabled... all my drivers seem OK but my computer fails to acknowledge my sound devices...

I am running Windows XP Home Edition with the SP2 Upgrade installed and I'm not actually sure what sound card I have... all I know is something about "SigmaTel Audio C-Major Audio"... or something like that... help soon please? I need the sound to work so I can open Windows Movie Maker for a school project!


Hi there!The same thing has happened to me million of times!
There are a lot reasons for this:

Check the wire of your speaker and make sure it's plugged in properly!

Have you installed your audio software(e.g. sound blaster)?

Or it is just that your speaker is so old it cant work anymore.

If the volume control will not let you change anything I doubt the problem is in the wire, plug or the speakers.

I would suggest that you delete the sound devices from the device manager and reboot.

I have had to physically remove the device and reboot then reinstall the card to get it to reload the drivers correctly

Not sure if this will help, but I had a similar issue with Sigmatel audio not being recognized with XP Pro after upgrading from Media Center edition.

I had a Dell E510.

I had to go to BIOS (F2 at startup), and Onboard Devices, and make sure Integrated Audio was ON.
I also know windows didn't recognize it until i installed Service Pack 2.
Then i just installed the drivers for the SIGMATEL Audio from

Seemed to work perfect from then on.

Sorry if this is off-topic, just trying to throw some info out there.

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