Hi Folks,
I am new to this so please excuse if I am off protocol. I am trying to fix my wife's laptop. The monitor started getting "reddish" a few weeks ago intermittantly, then blank intermittantly (of course needed reset to ever come back from blank). Now it displays only briefly from boot up, but is fine with an external monitor. During the initial phase of the problem it seemed that moving the unit or tilting the monitor would bring on blank. We'll eventually get her a new one, but I have a bone with planned obsolescence, so want to fix this anyway for some usage.

Thanks for any advice!

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You might have a short somewhere. Maybe get a can of air and try blowing out the dust inside the laptop.

I have had a look at several Dell laptop screens and It is mostly down to poor design. Sometimes, stripping the screen apart and putting it back together can be enough to fix the problem, other times it makes no difference and usually requires replacement.

If you decide to get in there and have a look, photograph everything so you have a record of how it came apart as they are usually quite complex.

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