hie everyone i have a hp pavilion dv100 with windows xp home edition it won't show anything on the screen when i turn it on all the lights are on and but the is nothing coming up on the screen can anyone help pliz..! thanks

i also have a dell latitude model-PP01L when i booting it start noramll but befor fulling booting this blue screen comes up and this the technical message i got ***Stop: (0xC0000005,0x8059992D,0xF7F5B69C,0xF7F5B398) any anidea what it maybe thanks

1. For the HP laptop does the screen not come on at all? if so try another monitor if possible.

2. For the dell does the message appear as windows is loading?

on the Hp the screen is not coming at all and the the light that normally flash when the laptop is running is not on when starting up but the rest of the lights are on. i have tried to use external screen but it's not working also change the ram chip and the harddrive but nothing change.
with the dell lap i change the harddrive and reinstalled the operating system and it's running fine for now

can you eject the CD/DVD tray whilst it is turned on?
You could try a bootable cd/dvd.

No system beeps are anything?