My desktop computer has been having problems, and everytime I turn on my computer, everything is fine, until it reaches the login screen. At that point, my monitor blacks out, the light of my monitor changes color, and it says that there's no signal. However, on safe mode, there are no problems and the screen will never black out as far as I know. So far, I've scanned with various scanners (Panda Security online scanner, BitDefender online scanner, TrendMicro's sysclean and online scanner) and nothing has come up. Any ideas?

ok, the problem just got worse. Now on safe mode, the screen sometimes goes off, and now it even just shuts off my computer at random times. I just tried changing the video card, however, that has not solved the problem.

What graphics card are you using?

Have you tried updating those drivers?

I was using the nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4200 with the newest driver and after changing the VGA card, I am now using the GeForce 440 MX also with the driver installed. Both are updated

I've solved the problem now, the problem was due to the power supply being faulty. It was a marginal error, and I'm guessing that the power supply was reaching the end of its life. I replaced the power supply, and it seems to be fine now.