I have just bought a Gigabyte GA-K8VT800 Pro Motherboard and am installing it in my machine. It has both a power fan connector for the case and also a system fan connector which both state that they are for the cooling fan.
Which one am I best using? Is the second one for a second fan?
I have bought an AMD64 Athlon 3000+ processor. Will I need a second fan or is one sufficient? Would I need one in and one out?
Thanks for your help

PS There is a separate connector for the CPU heatsink fan

The system fan connector is for your Chassis fan. The Power fan connector is primarily used to fan speed monitoring on the PSU, I think.

thats it most probably...but in some cases system fan is where the northbridge fan gets its powe. 3 pin.

and intakes on the front and exhaust on the top or the back. with neat wires i think your case will have good airflow... and dont forget to use filters. dust can be real nasty and accumulate on parts you dont want to have them and are hard to clean

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