I have a amd 2400 cpu. My computer is starting to freeze when playing games. In the bios I noticed the cpu temp. ranges from 65 to 72 deg. C
CPU fan speed 4100 rpm. My other computer is amd 2200. cpu temp 34 deg.
cpu fan speed 6200 rpm. Could it be my power supply or possibly just my heat
cpu fan? The fan on the side of my case seems to work fine. Is there anyway to check the cpu temp. without going into bios?

Try a program like Everest Home Edition, it should give you the cpu temps in there.
65 deg C is a bit hot for my liking, does the case has a rear extraction fan or just one on the side?
I don't think the power supply could be possible for the heat, the cpu fan isn't cutting out at all is it?
I would look at reseating the heatsink with thermal paste if you can to see if that rectifies the situation.

It has a rear fan. It isn't kicking out. It only freezes when I play a game. I would assume it runs a little hotter when running a game.I will first check heatsink and see if that lowers it. It is a 2 year old machine.

I cleaned the fins on the heatsink. New compound. Reduced heat 10 deg. to 57.
Is that all I should expect? Is it dangerous?

57 still seems high for me but it's a lot better than what you were getting before.
If you let the cpu heat up, is the heatsink hot to touch?
Also, check to see if there are any bios updates for your motherboard in respect to temperature readings.
My bios that came with the motherboard read everything ten deg's higher than it was and a bios update (for that issue) solved the problem.