I have a Ti G4 powerbook(dvi) that will not display to the screen. The machine boots up, but only shows to the external display. I got this computer like this....broken so you will understand this next comment. When the computer boots and as I am looking at the external monitor, I do not see any thing besides a white screen. After about 30 seconds, the login screen just appears. The question is....shouldn't there be some type of display activity between pushing the power button and seeing the login screen? I thought that this was out of the ordinary so I thought to mention it. If not, then I am hoping I can diagnose the screen issue.

I am trying to rule out the inverter, or the cable before I replace the LCD.


I got my hands on an iBook G4 with a smashed LCD awhile back, and what I did was to detach the display from the mainboard so the backlight wouldn't run incessently without anything to show. The external monitor doesn't come on until it's almost finished booting. So I would have to say that's normal.

What does the pb's display do when you turn the pb on?

The computer just boots to a white screen. Nothing more nothing less. I can get external video, but nothing on the LCD. I need the replace the LCD cable cause done messed it up, but I beieve it was the culprit to begin with due to the broken hinges....thanks apple!


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