I have a 2000 gateway E-3400 and when i turn it on it does not beep, but the cdrom drive has power, the keyboard is lighted up, the front light is on, and the fan is running. Nothing on the monitor comes up though and the monitor works. Does anybody know what could be wrong with it.?

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Since you have been getting no response for a couple of days you might try posting more info... What OS, what have you installed recently, what did you do last time it worked. Were you overclocking.. Do you run current virus protection... Did you have a backup of your system..?

General advice...
Pull any plug in cards except a video card.
Reseat the video card if it is a plug in card.

Unplug all hard drives, floppy drives and cd roms

Pull all but 1 ram chip (but still reseat that 1 chip)

Try to power it up...
It will error if it does kick over but it will point to the problem...

If no success pull the cpu heatsink and look to see if it has gotten hot.
Clean everything and re-apply heat compound then reinstall...

If it went dead on the 21st I seem to remember a virus that tried to flash your bios on one day each month... around this time... (CIH or Anti-cmos-A)

I use a machine with dual bios (Gigabyte)

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