This should be pretty simple, but I'm hardware illiterate!

I moved our OLD Dell GX1 and went to turn it on, and now the light on the main switch comes on, but it won't fire up the monitor.

I pulled the cover and found that the long, black/red wire from the switch under the cover (trip switch?) came loose and I need to know where it plugs into?

Given the long length, there appears to be a female receptacle at the back of the motherboard with four pins, which the wires will reach, but there's a male plug on the wire with only a two-wire connector.

Does it plug into the middle two pins in said female, or am I way off the mark?

All input will be appreciated!

That will be the case intrusion switch I suspect. It doesn't need to be connected and is not the cause of your problem.

You should remove and refit your ram and all pci and agp cards if any.

Thanks for the reply.

Turns out that the hard drive had shifted and pulled the plug just enough to screw things up.

Gave me a chance to vacuum out the years of crap that had developed inside the old beast.

Thanks again!

I'm glad it's working. :)