How can I dual boot from 2 hard drives? One will run Xp Pro and the other Linux(Fedora). I want the XP one to auto load after like 10 secondsbut have the option to load Linux instead. How can i do this? I have a 70Gb Seagate and a 250Gb Maxtor, The Maxtor will have XP on it. Can you give me instructions or links to any site that have guides please?


How can you dual boot from 2 harddrives?

When you install your linux distro you should get somthing like Grub or Lilo and it should lead you how to install it and configure it for multiple OS booting.

Just to add to Zachery's comments, once you pick a distribution of Linux, the installation guide they have will almost assuredly have detailed instructions on how to configure a dual-boot system.

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