My Gateway laptop that is... Worked fine yesterday. Powered it down and unplugged it from the wall.
Tried to turn it on this morning and nothing. No lights, no power-up, complete silence. Tried pulling the battery, holding power button for 1 min, plugging in ac and powering up.... nothing. The battery is showing a full charge BTW.

This thing is only 2 years old. Am I screwed? Looking @ a bad mobo?

Does it's power supply have a light on it? Does it still light up?

There is no light/power indicator anywhere on the power supply. I was thinking about trying to test it to see if it's working.

Do you have and know how to use a digital volt meter? If so, test it's output(s).

I tested it and it appears to be working.

That has eliminated the power supply. Next, does the socket in the lappy seem loose at all?

Nope. Tight, solid connection.

Are the points on the battery and corresponding points in the laptop's battery cradle in need of cleaning (residue build-up can interfere with power getting from the battery to the laptop). Be aware that in some cases an issue preventing power travelling from battery to lappy can also carry across when on AC

No, contacts look clean.

It looks like you will need to take it to a professional to get it fixed unfortunately.

I was afraid that's where we were headed. Thanks for the prompt assistance folks! This forum is a great resource.

No problem! It's just a shame the news wasn't better.