Hello All,

I have decided to make the switch and buy a mac. However, I don't know anything beyond knowing that I want to buy one. I am looking to get an ibook and I bascially want to use it for:

-microsoft office stuff


-music creation

it is this last one (music creation) that i know nothing about. i am thinking i want to get a midi controller, but my main musical ability is guitar and voice. i also want to be able to record from electric drums. so what do i need to do?
i see some of the interfaces on the apple website that connect to USB to record incoming sounds. so i am thinking of getting the cheapest or second cheapest i-book with an analog to audio interface and a midi controller to start. if i want to do music, should i upgrade the ram? are there other things i should consider? any software/hradware suggestions? i just thought i would throw this out there and see if any one has any words of wisdom.


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garage band is pretty good actually, and you can hook up a guitar to record with it too. at least from what my instructor told me. but i would suggest garage band

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