help me please...

my nightmare begin when I smell something fried from my power supply, then suddenly my PC went off. I try to buy the new one, and I install it. first try switch on my PC, my monitor didn't response. I try to unplug my video card, clean it, and plug in again. somehow, my monitor starting to response.
the real problem is after memory test screen, my computer stop working. No sign of windows loading screen. I wait 1-2 hours but it won't start the windows. even I can't access BIOS, I try F1 - F12, but still can't access BIOS.

Here is my Spec :
Mother Board : MSI 865PE Neo2-P
Video Card : nVidia 7300 GT 256 MB
Processor : intel Pentium 4, 3 GHz
Hard Disk : Using 2 Samsung HD 80GB n 40GB

please tell me what should I do ??:'(

Try reseating the RAM, or booting with one stick.

Also, try clearing the CMOS.

Just to add to that, try the DEL key for getting into your bios.

I already try to press DEL key, but still can't access BIOS.
I try to clear CMOS too, but my comp still cant boot.
I try change memory slot, buat still can't boot...

any other idea ??

oh, I forgot...
my comp stop booting windows in every device, including CD-ROM, and Floppy disk.
I try inserting windows XP CD, but my comp won't boot from CD either.
in memory test screen, i can see every device I have, including HD n CD-ROM.

this is the first time I see something strange like this...

Try booting with no RAM at all. Maybe, if the mobo/BIOS designers designed it that way, you'll get some functionality back. BIOS, for one. If you do, you'll get a chance to see if your mobo behaves "normally" without any RAM. That would suggest that RAM got fried too.

Or maybe you'll get couple of beeps and nothing more.

In any case, you should try booting with some known-good RAM.

I try remove all RAM from slot, and I hear nothing, no beeps.
is it behave "normally" ??
I try replace my RAM with other's comp RAM, and still no sign of windows.

I have no idea if it was "normal"..

If you have another machine handy, then you can use it to test the RAM from your machine. That way you'll know if the RAM got fried as well as mobo (yup, it's mobo by my judgment)

Things are looking desperate! One more thing to try it to remove and refit the CPU. It can sometimes get a machine going again, but, sadly, not that often.

no luck... I try everything, but no sign of windows...
btw, if I can't access to BIOS anymore is that mean my mobo are fried ??
I little confuse when I turn on comp, memory test result are "OK", and I can see all drive I have. then my mobo logo come out, after mobo logo, it stuck there.

are U sure my mobo are fried ?

Was there plenty of heat transfer paste between the heatsink and the CPU?

Try hitting Esc button when mobo logo comes. It will show you text-mode screen that goes on "behind the scene". You might have some error messages there that you're not aware of.

Heat are normal.. nothing overheat..

all text show that my comp are normal..
memory status "OK".
all drive are recognized.

I really don't know what to do...

Is your warranty valid?

my warranty already end...

I say 99% it's mobo.

thanks 4 the Help...
i'll buy new mobo now...


See this tread is marked as solved but I'm having the same problems, so was wondering if mobo change got you Amy further?

i think some of the north bridge chips there are burnt up that windows need to load...