I have been taxed with a project to get a system that was running under NT to run on a XP professional machine.

I have two ISA DSP boards one is a master the other a slave.

I have isntalled the programs and all looked good and like it was going to work but when I asked the program to start scanners it loaded the scanner.cfg and said ready to syncronize boards which is good but when i open display points I don't see any CG's (laser dot image).

In NT the DSP cards used IRQ 11 , I/O range 180-187, and memery range D0000 length 64.

In XP I see all these resources in device manager and all three have a red circle with a line through it at the beginning. It also says this device is working properly. I had to go into the bios and change IRQ 11 to Lagacy ISA.

When I checked the conflict box it shows all three using PisaDSP which it should be (so it's conflicting with it's self)?
but the memory range is also used by \driver\ssTechDrvr not sure what this driver is for.

I am so close but I don't know what to do from here any advise would be appreciated. If you need more info please let me know and I wil provide what I can.

I've tried a number of different things waiting for a riser card to put both ISA cards on the one board to make sure there not tring to use the same resources. But I really think now that I need a new driver built for the cards to work properly on this Machine but I'm not sure. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Some devices can actually share a common IRQ as long as (technically) they're not actually using them a the same time.
Memory ranges however, can NOT shared. In other apps. this can cause a system freeze.
You may also have a I/O conflict.
You can use your fav. search engine for ssTechDrvr.