Have a IBM M 8143-28U only have 2 sticks of 256MB of RAM, bought some comparable 1G or thought I had, but when I put it in it recogonizes it in BIOS but will not boot? Any suggestions?

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Is there a speed mismatch? Any POST errors or entries in the System Event Log ? Does it just give a blank screen or does it *try* to boot but falls through all startup options?

All it does is say that it is starting up please wait? But that is all? Have not checked the logs?

Don't recognize the Model number... is this an Intellistation or a rack server? I'm fairly confident it isn't a blade.... However you should be able to hit F1 to go into BIOS settings and find the System Event Log or POST Event Log (depending on MT there could be a number of different names for this section)

And one other thing... If possible, can you check the original DIMMs to see if their serial numbers end with an 'R' ?

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