i dont know if its weird but here it goes:

my computer seems to be fine last night.
just right now, im so surprised that its not working anymore.

as soon as i turned on the AVR, the LEDs(red and green) in front kept blinking.
The funny thing is that i did not even press the cpu power button YET! (unlike in most cases, you press the power button first and notice the blinking lights afterwards)

i noticed that the FANS inside are WORKING.
aside from that, i have no idea whats going on.

i wonder what is wrong with my machine...

thanks in advance! :)

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Does it make any beeps?

AVR == automatic voltage regulator

i can't hear any beeps.


Has the PC been knocked or moved recently?

moved? nope.

knocked? im not quite sure how much intensity would you consider a "knock"... haha. but, no, i believe i did not have any harsh contacts with my cpu.

weird isnt it?

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