i have just purchased a dell lattitude c800. the cursor won't stay in place. it drifts toward the upper right corner of the display. also the touch pad will activate the left click funtion when you tap it. are these problems related and is it an expensive repair?

i will thank ahead of time anyone that posts a response.

the touch pad is a bit touchy on my dell latitude also. And i get the cursor drift occasionally. I'd like some suggestions on it too.

I don't suppose there's any kind of warranty on this, considering you just bought it?

(if there isn't, might I recommend an external mouse instead?)

Hi, I also have a Lattitude laptop, though perhaps 4 years old. Everything's fine except for this drifting cursor problem which intermittently shows up every 6 months or so. Tried a fix with Dell a year or two ago by downloading some touchpad fix from their site and spent a while on the phone. But it still is recurring. It's not bad enough to toss the whole computer but at times it makes it totally unusable. This occurs with my mouse as well as with the touchpad.

If I were in your shoes and the computer is new, I'd consider returning it - it's one of those little irritating problems that I suspect will never go away (like mine) and I wish now I'd caught it sooner. It does render the machine useless if you can't use the cursor. Dell has been fine but of course the rep acted like he'd never heard of the problem before, but I think it's common and must have to do with how the Latitude is constructed, but don't know.

Anyway, explore the return (maybe just switch it out - perhaps not all have this problem, just some) option and then if you can't/ don't want to return it, dedicate a half day to working on the phone with Dell - as I say, it did improve the situation (the download) but it's not totally gone and is VERY irritating. Good luck.

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