Recently bought a new PC

Motherboard= MSI 770-c45





But i just keep getting


every time i do anything !!

Even if the pc is idle

I have done everything

Tried windows 7

Change Ram stick

All the new drivers.......

Nothing seems to work...

I am so depressed and can really use any help

the **** is still NEW

Anyway any suggetions

Can it be because my pc is overheating

Sometimes i get it when im coping stuff

Other when im surfing the net

Other when i leave my PC idle doing nothing

Never happens when installing a new OS or at booting so im sure
its not a the rams

Any help ????

Wow, sounds pretty big. Well, there are two main things. You've got to isolate if this is (some sort) of an operating system/software problem..... ---or--- .... if it's hardware (yeah, like a MB overheating "thing" or whatever. I know that's not much help but, all I can say is ... maybe go BACK to a more dependable/known operating system like a basic XP install? see how it works with that? TRY to do a completely clean install. make SURE when you redo the hard drive the boot record is refreshed with fdisk /mbr or gdisk /mbr do the CLEAN install, do not add any more software than you MUST. proceed from there. if you have many physical peripherals ... only instll the minimum to do what you need to do. add one physical peripheral at a time if you have multiple cards... etc. SEE if it performs any better THAT way.

then upgrade.
try vista, if so... what VERSIONS do you have?
did you download iso's from pirated software sites?

do you have ANY major software that may be from a site with questionable content? etc. stuff like that.

just try your best to separate the problem as HARDWARE vs SOFTWARE (ie the operating system and etc.)

try to be as methodical as possible.

YES, you are correct, most of this technology is fairly mature, it all SHOULD just "work right out of the box"....

In my experience if anything is BEING rediculous....

there is probably a MAJOR problem somewhere.


a SIMPLE and very fundamental problem, that you do not (yet) see.

When we were busy setting up a great number of pc's for new network roll-outs. There was always a (limited) number of pc's that were just plain, malfunctioning. They'd either be totally non-operative, or "flaky" (like your's) it just happens. There IS a certain percentage of machines that come from the factory "with a problem". You are completely entitled to take it BACK to the retailer (as much as it sucks) and get a replacement. If it turns out that this machine just never settles down. That can always be a final solution. Try a new machine.

one of the simplest basic tests, is to check your ram. If you have two or more sticks. plug ONE in. Run with THAT. Plug the NEXT in... do problems (other than slowness) like the proverbial "blue screen" start? Ram is a big potential source of glitchiness. (question is, is it the on-board cache? or the ram-sticks?

if it's a package you bought at a store... pack it all up and just bring it back. sounds like you've already tried to check it out... and you already know basically how to trouble-shoot. sometimes you just have to let it go. WHY struggle. it SHOULD work. I myself deal with a great deal of aging hardware (I have lots of it and use/reuse it) you can almost always LOCATE where the problem is. (eventually) But, with a new setup... WHY? ... with a New setup there is supposed to be NO STRUGGLE. your call. you've already put time into this.

I did a quick search under your motherboard and with/without the video card searching for references to "blue screen"...

Nothing... in particular lept out at me.

you're call. make one last attempt with minimal --minimal-- installs to check and test.

What is the error stated on the BSOD ?

Thanks stvrich

But i already tried with good old windows xp

With no other software installed same problem !!

Anyway i think i will ry to return it to the store but hte problem is

The error never appears there (at the store)

Maybe they are not rying it right enough..

im sure there is no power problems

And if there was

I already have a stabilizer and a UPS !!

can you give us the message in BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH?

well, ... in all honesty... You do not have to PROVE to the store you are having a problem. Do not feel guilty in the slightest. Just go back and INSIST that, "unfortunately this machine is not stable/good" and then ... "I want a NEW one".

The store gets credit for it. They obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization and they get a new one BACK in it's place (usually).

so don't feel guilty. it just sucks to HAVE to bring it back. We're always excited when we get new toys, and when they don't work... we then TRY to MAKE it work!

You shouldn't HAVE TO "make it work"...
it should just WORK.

and yes, if you want to... report to us what the blue screen message is...

and php beginners are willing to discuss THAT with you.

but.... the stuff should just work.

if it IS some kind of hardware problem...
WHO knows?
maybe the blue screen message can TELL you what/where the problem is. core dump and all that... you may have a bad system file somewhere perhaps a "glitch" in an installation cd is giving you a bad file or files.

for a basic xp install.
with NOTHING on it. (assuming no hardware problem)
and assuming basic bios and bios settins are correct FOR your hardware.

I'd think it would work.

or try to use the built in video card if there is may be the video card problem you should edit the CMOS/BIOS to disable the video card in the mother board before you put an external one.

any progress?
It's been a day (or thereabouts) were you able to check/recheck anything?

let us know how it goes
And don't forget if you GET a blue screen,
write down the pertinent info.