i have a hp pavillion a1000. it had always worked fine until one day i powered it on and the button stuck in and it promptly powered off again. i have since fixed the button but when i power on the light on the button stayed orange instead of turning blue, the fan spins but nothing happens. please help.

have you ever put the computer to sleep? if so did you notice if it were orange?

I assume this is a desktop.

have you tried keeping the power button pressed in for 5 sec then pressing the power button a couple of seconds after?

Did you disasemble your case to correct the faulty button? Allot of the hardware in the system are verry touch sensative. Maybe you have knocked one of the wires out that leader from the button to the Motherboard?

never put the computer to sleep. i tried your advise but still it stays the same

no checked all the wires when i did it but everything still in place

So you get no input in the sense of the screen?

If not then I need you to remove all sticks of RAM present and then start the machine. If it continues too beep then it seems the motherboard is in check else it may be more difficult then expected.

Try remove the power cord to the PC and holding down the power button over 20 seconds to discharge the PC.

Connect the power cord again and press the power button.

Hope this helps!