When I am running any program that uses the whole screen, vs. window screens, aprox every 2 minutes the game stops and the screen minimizes to the desk bar. It doesn't have to be high end games, even happons on web games such as Diner Dash, Command and Conquer, etc. It even happens on my wife's dos based transcription program.
I assume it is the vido card, yet I tried to Install an ATI rage 128 graphics card (which works on my old but faithfull PII 300), the software install stated it was incompatible with the current system.
I am running a no name brand, "computer show", AMD 900 with 512K memory, and WIN XP pro. If it is the graphics card what card is compatible?
If its not the graphics card what is the problem???

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It probably is some program running in the background which every 2 mins checks to make sure that it is the front most program, this could be a virus or spyware or something. If you do alt +cntrl + delete and go on the proccesse list and see any proccess with funny names end them and then try.

The reason the game minmise is the same as if you hit the start key or alt + cntrl +delete it makes that window active making the game minimise so you can see it.

Hope that helped.


Same thing happens to me... I have run a few spyware and spybots and nothing was found. How do you know if something is "fishy" with the processes in the Task Manager (ctrl-alt-delete)?

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