My PC has the following problem:
When you press the power on button, the fans start spinning, led is on but there in nothing on the monitor. No beep from the motherboard, nothing... It just remains in that state. No matter how many times I reset it has no effect...

Sometimes after 10 or 20 times reset, it starts normally (!) and while it's on, it is perfectly stable. No problems.

I have this problem the last 1-2 weeks. If I reset the CMOS the PC starts, but only once. The next time it has the same problem. I have just yesterday changed my vga card (the previous was deffective) but the problem wasn't there...

My system:

PSU: Etasis 650W Gaming
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 8400 @ 3,00 GHz
MOBO: Asus P5K Premium WiFi-AP
RAM: TeamGroup Ram 2GB Kit DDR2 1066MHz
GPU: ECS 9800 (512MB)
Can someone please help me?

Thanx (and sorry, my english isn't very good :p)

When you say it doesn't beep, are you sure a PC speaker is actually connected?

Did anything happen when the problem started like the PC being moved about or a power cut?

i once encountered that problem and i solved it by transfering the RAM card from slot -1 to slot -2 then windows worked normally.... (try it)
or else,
anyway try to remove connectors to ur SATA or HDD then try to boot the pc..

Rik from RCE: The speaker works fine. When it happens for the pc to start normally, it beeps. But this happens rarely.

tatpogi: I will try, and i 'll tell you if it worked, thanx!

What about my second question?

Did anything happen when the problem started like the PC being moved about or a power cut?

There was no power cut. But yes, the pc has been moved around a bit. But i think i was careful enough. I mean, I haven't dropped anything down while i was building my pc again. What do you think the problem is?

tatpogi: I tried what you said, but it hasn't solved my problem.

I suspect the mobo is faulty or maybe the psu (the second is less likely). What do you think?

I recon removing and refitting everything may be an idea, including all cards, ram, and CPU.

You'd be surprised where dust can work it's way into to cause problems. If you need to remove any dust then a cheap paintbrush works well. It may also be a good idea to put some fresh thermal paste between heatsink and PSU too.

- NO Beep when u Turn ON PC..?
- Sometimes PC is OK..?
- PC was moved from a place to another..?
- VGA Card Replaced..?
- PSU Fan Running and Lites are indicating..?

i think the possible problem on ur PC are:
* Loose, Defective or dead RAM Card..
* Loose I.C. on its socket (BIOS IC)...
* Defective Display Card...
* or maybe a defective motherboard..
* else an open Speaker..?

its a gud idea to test a PC by removing first ur
Hard Drive and CD ROM to chk if the PC will POST normally when turn ON.
Chk ICs on socket if not Loose, especially d processor..
if Connectors are well connected..
Dirty RAM Memory Slot terminal (Socket)...
slightly and carefully Clean Memory Card gold terminals with
clean cloth, paper, cotton or an Eraser.

Any cards plugged into the mainboard could cause this. I would uninstall all cards even the graphics and see if it beeps every time you start (even if it is an error beep because no graphics are detected)
you would still normally get a bios screen if the hard drive and dvd are not connected so they should not be an issue. but again you could unplug them just to check.
so if with nothing connected other than the RAM, CPU, PSU and motherboard, you are still having the same problems then it is most likely one of them.
In my experience this kind of fault is usually a motherboard problem.
If you can get the machine to boot normally, download a RAM diagnostic program, microsoft have a free one, and run that. (run the extended tests for a good few hours)
if the RAM comes up ok then it is probably not that. I would be surprised if it were the CPU, the intels are pretty good at protecting themselves from overheating. and they rarely fail.
It would be worth checking with a new PSU but I reckon it is the motherboard.

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