I just bought 2 samsung 512mb ram (pc2100, sodimm) on ebay but when i received the rams it doesn't say anywhere that they are samsung rams. So when i asked the seller he says that if i didn't receive samsung rams then it means that it's stock was over and i was sent a Micron technology ram instead and he also says MT rams are among the best out there.

But how do i know if i truely receive an MT ram and not some fake ones? Is MT ram better than a samsung one??

Should i report him to ebay?

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Yes, the rams work but i just wanna know if i should report him or something. Coz i didn't get what i paid for.


That's up to you really. You didn't get what you paid for but got a suitable replacement....


Micron Rams are really among the best... Look 4 the words MT on the chips. If the rams have sticker printed crucial on them, then it is micron ram..

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