I'm Kyle i have a HP Pavilion DV6500 Notebook PC, and i have had it for about 2 years. My problem is that it has slowed extremely down, and often it does not turn on or shut down. Lately programs don't load i cant go on the internet and i cant open task manager. i know its not a virus or a setting as i have done 2 restore to factory settings. last one was yesterday. This does fix it for a bit, (except for turn on and turn off) however it does always go wrong. Does any body have any ideas or help?

Thanks, Kyle

You might be suffering from having too many residual files or tempoary files clogging your system. Give your system a good cleaning: eliminate unnecessary programs, defragment your disc, check and fix your registry if needed. All of the above mentioned items accumulate problems over time and slow down the system.
Allow me to suggest a good freeware program you can (hopefully)download that can do much of this work for you: try www.ccleaner.com.


Well being being a Hp notebook technician i can provide you some steps.. It have to work if there's no hardware issues....

At first check the hard drive running a scan from the BIOS..

As soon as you turn on the notebook, keep tapping F10 key & it will take you to the BIOS.. From there Go to DIAGNOSTIC tab at the top.. Selst Primary hard drive self test & hit enter to run it.. If it Gives any error code like "Test failled.. error 1-07" or "Test failled.. error 10008" or "Test failled.. error 10009" or any error, the hard drive has gone bad & you need a replacement....

If it passes then at first follow this step...

Start>> type "msconfig" in the start search box>> click on msconfig option at the top>> On this system configuration window click on the BOOT tab at the top>> Click on Advaced Option tab>> At the top left corner put a check mark on the option "Number of processors">> select the 2 in the drop down>> click on OK>> Then Click on the services tab>> put a check mark on Hide All Microsoft Services at the bottom left corner>> Click on the start up tab>> click on Disable all>> Apply>> OK
It should work... If doesn't please let us know....:)


I have the same PC. After tuning on sytem get "no operating system found". Completed a system restore and still getting that message. Is there anything I can do to discover the problem?