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I needed to update my firmware to my dvd rw because of issues that were said to be causing problems with my computer. There was a firmware for a benq 1620 which is what my model was so I thought. I installed and now it screwed everthing up. My computer won't restart but just keeps cycling even in safe mode. I got into the bios and disabled the dvd rw. I now find out it is a benq 1620 pro which wasn't listed. What can I do??????

Disconnect the drive and buy a new one?

You might want to try contacting the manufacturer of the drive-- it sounds like you hosed it with the firmware update. They may have a service where you can send it in and have them reflash it. Otherwise, I suggest you hit up NewEgg for a new drive, and lament the fact your firmware update just ate your old drive.

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I did contact benq and a tech sent me a new firmware update in the email. THe one on the site was old he said. HE didn't know why it was there? It now works.

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