I have just tried to connect my Laptop (Toshiba Satellite with a 32MEG Nvida GForce 420 GO Video Card) to my TV and I have an image, but it is black and white and I am unable to get it to color. I'm connecting through a SCART connection which has an adaptor on it to allow S Video etc.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I'm flying by the seat of my pants somewhat, but have you selected the correct output type based on your location? NTSC, PAL, etc.

Another thing to check is that your tv can support s-video. mine doesnt and i didnt know that till i tried to use it :o

anyone know if its possibel to get a converter from s-video to the old style input/output?

Thanx for the help people but I managed to work out what was going on. I had already established that it was set to the right format but when I checked to see how the SCART input was receiving the signal, it was in the wrong format. It was set to FBAS or similar but once I chaged it to Y/C it worked perfect. No problems at all now.

Also, I read elsewhere on these posts that someone was having problems with mediaplayer and having it work on the tv screen. I had this same problem but as soon as I made the output go straight to the tv rather than through the computer and the tv at the same time I had no probs at all. Full Colour and Sound. Sweeet!!!!!

Thanx again for the help people :-)

I am taking a punt on this (i don't really know!!) but I think it changes the way the TV receives the signal. By converting it to YC it changes it (in my case) from the S-Video signal to suit a SCART signal. The changes are made through the menus on the TV, not through the computer or on the convertor.

Does this help your cause?

It helps, but not the answer i wanted! My tvs to old to understand s-video in any form-> no menues to switch between formats!
Looks like i will have to wait for a new tv!

cheers anyway!


Ahh well. Spend some cash on a new tv or keep watching on your computer.

Good Luck mate.

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