I just picked up a new motherboard with a 478 Socket

I intended to use the CPU out of my old 478 socket Motherboard

In checking, reading the manuals, the new motherboard says it supports the 478 P4/Prescott P4 and my old motherboard says it supports 478 P4/Northwood P4.

I think the new motherboard is just supporting a newer version of the same series cpu but wanted to ask before blowing up a good CPU.

I only want to change motherboards to get support for a free 160 gig sata I just received...

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I think I just answered my own question... They are DIFFERENT....
You would think two socket 478 motherboards would accept the same cpu but NOoooooo...

Different voltages and everything... So .... Make this an FYI....


In the case of the P4s, I think it's just a case of front side bus support. Some newer boards might not support P4 Willamette 400Mhz FSB CPUs (some Abit models for example), but generally they should support pretty much everything. Check the motherboard manual or the CPU support list available on many manufacturer websites.

What motherboards do you have there?

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