I am trying to solve an on going problem with an AMD 1.8 system. I have a new Radeon 9200SE card installed and a new Optiquest Q95 monitor, running XP Home SP2 with 256MB Ram. I probably could double the RAM but the system is not running any high powered applications. It is used mostly for simple games, internet and email. All Windows updates have been installed including NET.Framework 1.1. The problem is the screen will fluctuate in size under any condition. That is I do not have to be running any software. I have adjusted the refresh rate (several times), installed the latest drivers and it will stabalize for a time and then start the fluctuation again after a reboot. It acts like the system is loosing power so I installed a UPS to no avail. Can anyone help me diagnose this problem? Thanks for any advice.

Gary Trimeloni

Have you tried a different monitor or any other hardware? If I had screen problems I would try a different monitor and see if it still did it.

Thanks for the reply. Yes this is the second monitor I have tried. In fact it is why I purchased the new monitor and video card.

And your still having the same problem?

I had some major probs with the 9200se, apparently there is some incompatability issues with some chipsets. I went through 3 cards before my supplier decided i could have a diff card.

The 9200se seemed to work fine for a month or so, then slowly it would cause probs. eg wouldnt be found by bios or windows when doing a reboot, eventually it caused BSOD when ever i moved a window from one monitor over to another, ( from one card to another).

Good luck with sorting it out, but be prepared to RMA if you can!